Gabino Luis Lazo

Software Cloud Engineer

I'm a software engineer with experience in Backend Development, DevOps and Cloud Architecture.

As a pragmatic problem solver by heart, I strive to create high quality solutions with the big picture always in mind. I love helping companies and individuals become more efficient and realise their true potential with the help of technology.

Detail oriented, open, proactive and engaged are the qualities that best describe me.

I am certified by Microsoft in my field of expertise: designing and creating web solutions that are cloud native.


Backend development

Expert in ASP.NET webapp and API development in C#. Best practices in Unit Testing with XUnit and logging with serilog. Proficient knowledge in SQL databases such as MS SQL Server, MySQL or PostgreSQL, as well as NoSQL databases.

Knowledge of background job design and implementation with frameworks such as Hangfire and broker communication with RabbitMQ and Kafka.

I'm also fluent with Python and Typescript as backend languages for Microservices implementation.

DevOps and SRE

Knowledge of Linux OS, Docker and Kubernetes.

Creation of infrastructure as code with Terraform or AWS CDK.

Implementation of CI/CD pipelines and automated build systems with Github Actions or Azure Pipelines.

Set up organization wide monitoring and observability services like Datadog or the ELK stack.

Migration of legacy systems to the cloud, ensuring reliability and uptime.

Help automation in development teams with Bash or Powershell scripts.

Cloud architecture

Worked extensively in the Azure Cloud deploying resources for a variety of applications. Knowledge of Azure App Services, Azure Functions and AKS, as well as Storage Accounts and SQL databases.

Knowledge of AWS Cloud deploying applications in Fargate, AWS Lambdas, EKS, S3 Storage and RDS as databases. As well as the implementation of different disaster recovery strategies.

Knowledge in networking and use in the cloud with virtual networks, subnets and peerings.

Expertise in IAM systems with good knowledge in AzureAD, Auth0 and Keycloak with secure and modern authentication protocols such as OIDC and OAuth2.

For more detailed information, check out my CV.


I have extensive experience with a wide range of customers in the companies I've worked for: from big public funded projects to smaller scoped solutions for businesses and innovative proof of concepts.

Dehn SE

DevOps engineer

2023 - Present

Responsible for designing and implementing a new modern cloud-based infrastructure for the entire organization; migrating legacy applications to ensure reliability and availability, and establishing new policies for an agile approach to the company's digital operations.

isolutions AG

Software developer

2021 - 2023

Worked directly with different big customers in the Swiss market. Involved in a big project where I took the initiative and resolved ambiguous requirements together with the lead architect, as well as other smaller scoped projects where I took requirements directly from the client and implemented the solutions.


Software developer


Responsible for the maintenance of a Windows native application used by leading insurance companies in Spain. Proactively profiled the performance of the application to make it faster for the insurance actuaries working with the tool.



2019 - 2020

Worked in an investigation group in the University while studying the degree. Created several PoCs with innovative technologies with Bluetooth, Voice Assistants and Edge Computing with AI.

For more detailed information, check out my CV.


Quality first

No project done without quality in mind will last very long. I have been a detail-oriented person since very young, always striving to create the best possible solution to a problem. Robust solutions are much better in the long run than hastily created ones.

Open feedback

Teams cannot work efficiently and effectively unless there is a culture of open feedback and trust between its members. As I try to do the best work I can, I'll always encourage this kind of culture in the teams I'm involved with.

Big picture

At the end of the day, the products we make are there to help other people with their daily tasks. I always strive to know the "why"; so that way everyone is on the same page and the best possible product can be made.


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